A Tiefling who's current ambition is to unlock the secret's of her brother's death.


Monk Tiefling.

Medium Sized. 35 years old Female, who is 5’9” 190lbs. Physical description is Black short fur like hair, Black skin, Silver eyes. Spoken and writen lauguages are Tiefling and Common.

Exp: 1615
HP: 16
Level: 2

Str 15
Dex 15
Con 9
Int 11
Wis 14
Cha 10
AC 14
Touch 14
Flatfooted 12
Initiative +2
BAB: 1
Grapple 1

Fort: 2
Reflex: 5
Will: 5

Current Skills:
Diplomacy/Gather Info: 2
Sense Motive: 6
Perception: 5
Stealth: 1
Knowledge (History): 4
Intimidate : 4

Feats (Bonus Feat)
Stunning Fist
Throw Anything

Special Ablities:
Unarmed Strike
Flurry of Blows

Special Gear:
Ahem… “taps foot impatiantly”


*Myrana’s Journal

Day One
I start out my journey from Avalon, a large city three days time from Eskilon. During my time as I’m taking journey to Eskilon, I have chosen to reflect on the events these ten years past. History has told us that as the final battle of the one-hundred year war ensues, Nyder, my only older brother, is slain in battle. On the day prior to his death I received a very unusual package. Even for a young monk, mid way through my twenty’s, I realized the implications of this gift and note which simply read “Nothing is ever as simple as it seems.” The gift made of the finest purple silk, was a sword tie with very unusual depictions upon it. The tie is embroidered with spun gold into a message I have not yet gotten translated. Ten years have past, and for ten years I have trained my mind and body to help heal my soul. I only hope that with the passing of the war, that the gala tonight is able to provide some answers into what really took place in the time prior to the falling of Nyder, and the ending to the war. I will spend the next few days in Eskilon, for I have been invited to a grand gala, and to ensure peace is kept for the summet the following day.

Day Two:
Today is yet another day for walking, and I realized my quest for knowlage has left myself short haded, for how can one know the events to come if the war itself is not discussed. The great war lasted a centruy, it was assumed that the dragonbourn started it, buy trying to waken the avitar of the great god Tiamat. This brought the world into chaos, as blame was placed on every facton possible. The only two races that delibertly stayed nutral, was the tieflings like myself, who simply kept any one side from being over powed and the great mystic race of the Crystinan’s who simply chose not to participate. Every side took heavy losses, and a small band of Tieflings, I can only assume that my brother was amoung them, found clues to release the dragonboune from blame. The eldest of the tiefling, approched and defeated Tiamat’s avitar bringing the war to an end. This has left the world tence and unsettled. As im reflecting on this though my walk I can’t help but to hope, simular to that of a school child, that there is more to this story.

Day Three:
Eskilon is a very large town, I made my way here early morning as the bazzar has begun to open Though my possessions are few, I found a room suitable to my humble needs near this grand marketplace, as I peruse these shops I find silk and canvas suitable for my travels, yet it doesn’t seem to match the quality of my sash – though the events of this evening have made it very unusual to worry about such things. I made my way to the gala; I suppose it’s tradition here to leave decorations and ornaments of a weapon’s nature with the guards, a task I find ironic, as I can’t undo my hands – yet foolish, as everyone here is a stranger to one another, to leave one’s weapons behind. As we were ushered in, there was a massing of a good hundred people, with wine, food, and ale free-flowing throughout the crowd, I’m not surprised that heated debates began taking place throughout the room. I did find myself a very nice fellow, an unusual character as I have not seen many Mars, to make idle conversation about the great war (in which he stated he fought very valiantly). This Mars, Drent, gave me a name, Krumi Hotuc, a merfolk who I should seek for information about my sash, to perhaps get it translated, or at least get more information about. Just as the food, debates, and conversations were coming to an end, and the night was beginning to wind down, a very curious fellow named Grudge took the stand. Foolishly assuming that this was a planned part of this evening’s affairs, I waited patiently as the room began to settle. He spoke very boldly as he announced to the crowd that the war is not nearly over, that the last ten years have been nothing more than an illusion, and he predicted that the building was to be destroyed. A very curious creature I had only heard about in lore, a Crysalin, piped up from the crowd, that this must be some part of the festivities, for his words were very grim. He was promptly run through by an amassing of shady individuals I had not noticed prior. At the shock of the death of someone at this party, I realized the severity of the situation, and I began to take charge; Drent and I fought heroically side by side as the party was in chaos; the building started to collapse, and I realized that Grudge’s prediction was coming true. Doing my very best to aid the civilians out of harm’s way, I noticed that none of the Council of Six that controls this town was to be seen. I’m very tired this evening, but curious to see what the summit holds tomorrow.

Day Four:
As an unexpected turn of events, I understand my duty to uphold balance of power among the races, I found myself in a very unusual situation today. I have been elected to a commitee, along with two others – one being the Crysalin, whos master was run through last night, and the other being a young boy – to get to the bottom of who this individual was. The boy is Vathus, a young palidin trained in the way of the dragonbourn, he seems eger and well manerd, Royalty of sorts. He chose to stay, becuase he felt it was the right thing to do, as well as the expectation of his fater to bring justice to the events of last night. While Deniohn seems very quiet, a cleric of sorts. I feel sorry and mourn the loss of his master, but am taken aback abit about the lack of wanting to tell the others in his home land. I suppose revenge is a dish best served cold. However he stated his reason more based on releaving the tyrany of Grudge. Back to the current events and based on the attacks at the summit, they agreed to completely shut off the entirety of the city until this has been resolved. We are a neutral party trying to do the investigative work in a city unknown to any of us, while the benefit of being neutral gives us the ability to be impartial, it unfortunately gives us the lower hand of not knowing anything or anyone. We spoke with Mayra Caralson about our plan to investagate, as well as scheduling times to speak with the council members. She introduced us to her personal bodyguard, Scrivner. Seeing as how she wants to be kept up to date as much as possible without arising suspicion, we all agreed to send messages with him.

Day Five:
I spent a good deal today listening to the petty arguments between the messengers of the outlying cities who were summoned to the gala, leading us in no clear direction, although I did find some useful pieces of information. The piece not beneficial to the task we’ve been assigned, however, led me to speak with Krumi Hotuc, and he discreetly translated my sash: “My sibling, Carry this with honor”. He also informed me that one of the members of the Council, Adlai Alfons, was holding him and several others captive. I shared this information with the rest of my team, and we chose to seek out Adlai at his home that evening. We also had our meating with Dalton Fury… <pick>>


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