Tiamat's Grudge

The Investigation Begins

Wherein the PCs get quite a few leads.

 The PCs began by first interrogating the Messengers, who were to be sent back out to their homelands after the previous night's calamity.

 Then they worked with the prisoners from said calamity, gleaning little to no information.

 They met with Dalton Fury who clued them in on a warehouse that Davore had been seen travelling to by himself.

They investigated said warehouse, which led to an eventual thrashing by dwarven guards and a note which said "Keep the rest of the council out of our business."

Toward sundown, they went to check in with Adlai Alfons, who told them Davore was attempting to assassinate a guest present at the Gala when Grudge interupted his operative. Adlai also had kept Krumi Hotuc prisoner upon his entry into the city for an undisclosed reason. (Krumi alleged and the PCs eventually found out that others were being kept there as well.)

Finally, Scrivener approached the party a short ways from Adlai's home to get an update from the players, who seemed less than willing to cooperate. It was revealed that underneath the cloak, he is a Crystenan.



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